Born under Mercury, Natt Nyah is a lifestyle model, published author of “My Loc Reflective Journal”, jewelry designer and natural hair and body care formulator and self love enthusiast.    

She has celebrated and documented her 10 plus year Loc Journey on social media for 6 years. In this journey she has expressed her tips on maintenance as well spiritual connection to her natural Locs.

In 2020 Natt Nyah published her first book My Reflective Loc Journal available on Amazon. In this prompted journal Natt Nyah encourages written documentation of the reader’s loc journal. While creating this opened ended prompt journal Natt Nyah reflected on the questions she asked herself during her 10 year loc journey ranging from deep personal insights to her go to loc maintenance tips.

Natt believes that the best way to take care of one's hair and skin is through nature. She has maintained her locs with a simple and natural routine. She loves curating her hand crafted products and looks forward to sharing them with her community.

Natt is a supporter of women and believes self acceptance and love is key. She created the online movement “Mirror Work Challenge” where she encourages women to improve the relationship with self, body positivity, self awareness and acceptance as well as diving into sensuality by dancing and moving in the mirror.

Natt Nyah started designing jewelry when she was an adolescent. Her favorite piece is her signature thigh beads. Debuting Summer of 2017. First specializing in unique handmade body adornments and then expanding to all natural handmade hair and body care products Nyah’s Valley is a proud ever growing black woman owned business.