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Nyah's Valley

Instant Access Class Siren Flow: My Sensual Self Massage

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The body deserves acute personalized attention from YOU. Learn how to freely explore and respond to your personal needs with this sensual walk through with Natt Nyah. 

An experience of self love, honesty, bodily autonomy, personal exploration and more. 

If you are ready to be in a space of sensuality, mindfulness, relaxation and healing you  are ready for this course.

Perfect for self use but can also be useful for partner work once fully mastered.

This product contains mature concepts, techniques and material not suitable for minors.

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This is a digital product. No refunds. No exceptions. 

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The names, method and material in this course were cultivated by years of study, practice, certifications and original work and are proprietary and copyrighted. All rights are reserved including the right to reproduce or use any part of this course in any form whatsoever. 

This course is for personal use only.

Use for events, writing, courses needs to be granted via written permission.

If you would like to be trained to teach material please email us at to learn more. 

This class is offered with the understanding participants do not engage in physical or mental health limitations. Participants are to consult with their health care providers before engaging in this material.